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Dreamer was brought to RRAEH on emergency by a police officer in January of this year. She was found as a stray in frigid temperatures, barely able to move. She was in critical condition with a temp so low the thermometer couldn’t get a reading and a very low heart rate – both vitals indicated her body was shutting down. She was also extremely dehydrated with a low blood sugar and low blood pressure. She was immediately given heat support and started on warmed IV fluids and IV dextrose(sugar).

After stabilization, we prepped her for hospitalization by placing a feeding tube through her nose as she was very thin and needed nutrients to help with healing. Due to the severity of illness, she was given a “guarded” prognosis as we didn’t know how she would respond to treatment… BUT she showed her perseverance and made a rapid recovery. Her lab work greatly improved, and she began eating on her own and maintaining her temperature! Within 24 hours she was able to leave to continue recuperating at her new foster home!

Thank you Journey Home Animal Rescue for allowing us to tell her story and for giving her a second chance at life!