Become local heroes with you and your pet by saving lives of local cats and dogs with the Red River Animal Emergency Hospital and Referral Center (RRAEH)! The blood bank provides for pets that have experienced illness, surgery, or trauma who are in need of a blood transfusion. Help local pets by maintaining a stocked blood bank.


Fill out the form below for your pet to become a local hero and blood donor! Devote your animal to a year-long (about every 8 weeks) commitment of blood draws. With your pet’s donation, you will become featured on Hero Boards which is located in our lobby, on our website and social media (with the owner’s permission). By helping RRAEH, heroes will earn a no cost annual blood work and examination on donation days. Additionally, heroes will collect a gift bag full of toys and treats! Become a local hero today and rescue lives of local cats and dogs.

Blood Donor Form
Blood Bank FAQs