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We Provide Emergency, Critical Care, & Referral Services

Emergency Services

If your pet has been injured, has ingested a foreign object, or is feeling unwell, we are here to help with 24/7 emergency care.

Emergency Surgery

Our hospital is set up to provide pets with emergency surgical treatment, and our veterinary staff are trained in the latest surgical techniques.

Critical Care

We have the only board-certified emergency/critical care specialists in the state. They are devoted to treating pets with life-threatening illnesses and those requiring complex emergency care.

Oncology Services

Dr. Amber Wolf-Ringwall is a board-certified veterinary oncologist. She is excited to return to North Dakota and join the RRAEH team to provide compassionate cancer care to companion animals in her home state and surrounding area.

Surgery Services

Dr. David Silliman brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the Surgery team at RRAEH. With a strong educational background and extensive training in veterinary surgery, he is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to his patients.

Internal Medicine Services

Dr. Greg Kuhlman is a board-certified Internist who can assist with the management of many types of uncommon or difficult-to-manage diseases and disorders. Outside of chronic illness, our Internal Medicine service offers a variety of advanced diagnostic procedures.

Diagnostic Imaging

We provide various on-site imaging services to aid us in quickly diagnosing the source of your pet’s pain or illness, which enables us to respond rapidly with a proper treatment plan.


Your vet may refer you to our hospital for hemodialysis services, under the direction of our critical care specialists, to aid in the treatment of severe acute kidney failure and for certain blood toxicity issues.

Blood Bank

We are now accepting canine blood donors into our blood bank program. If you are interested in having your dog or cat become a blood donor, learn more here.