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Advanced treatment options have become available for certain health issues in the pet population. Hemodialysis is one such specialized treatment that is used for certain diseases of the kidney or for kidney failure, and when specific kinds of toxicity are detected. Substances that pose a danger to a pet’s health are filtered from the blood during hemodialysis.

What is Hemodialysis?

Hemodialysis is a service for cats and dogs that is used to treat kidney disease or failure. This process filters out the toxins in your pet’s blood. At Red River Animal Emergency Hospital and Referral Center, Dr. Andy Carver and Dr. Samantha Wigglesworth are board-certified and have extensive training in hemodialysis and allows our hospital to care for pets who may need this type of care. If you are unable to find a clinic near you that offers this service, give us a call and we can set up a consultation over the phone.

Would Your Dog or Cat Benefit from Hemodialysis?

Buildup of toxins in your pets’ blood can become very dangerous, causing your pet to feel ill and in some cases can be fatal. The hemodialysis process removes toxins from your pets’ blood by passing it through a filter made of charcoal and replacing the blood back in your pet. This treatment is most often used after kidney injury, toxic build-up, or ingestion of chemical has occurred.

Hemodialysis for Injured Kidneys

Veterinarians can usually manage acute kidney injury (AKI) in a cat or dog without hemodialysis. However, when standard treatment fails, hemodialysis may be an option. Hemodialysis will not cure kidney issues, but it will provide animals an opportunity for their bodies to heal and normal kidney function to return. We do offer this service to other animal species on a case by case basis. AKIs may be caused by a number of factors, such as:

Infection (leptospirosis, sepsis, UTI)
Ingestion of a Toxic Substance (such as antifreeze)
Ingestion of Lily Flower (felines)
Anti-inflammatory Drugs (canines and felines)

Dialysis for Toxicity

Hemodialysis and hemoperfusion (filtering blood through charcoal) have the potential to clear a large number of toxins from a pet’s blood stream. If you suspect your pet has toxicity in the blood, contact your primary veterinarian promptly or seek care at our 24-hour emergency clinic so that treatment may begin immediately. Time is of the essence in such cases, so please do not delay!

Hemodialysis or Hemoperfusion May Be Used to Treat:

Ingestion of Ethylene Glycol (antifreeze)
Overdose of Anti-inflammatories such as Aspirin, Carprofen/Rimadyl, Ibuprofen, Meloxicam, and more.
Phenobarbital or Pentobarbital
Some Chemotherapy Drug Overtreatments
Various Other Substances, Depending on their Properties