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Rufus is a 3 year old lab mix who presented to RRAEH in February 2021 for severe dog bite wounds. Rufus had a high heart rate and low blood pressure and needed immediate IV fluids and pain medications in order to get him stabilized. Once he was deemed stable enough for sedation, we had to address his wounds next. We shaved away his hair and flushed all of the wounds and placed sutures and drains where needed. He had to be hospitalized for further care due to the severity of his wounds.

Rufus was unable to walk or stand, so he needed a urinary catheter placed to keep him comfortable and clean. We also had to place a feeding tube because he was losing a lot of fluid and protein due to the swelling (edema) in his limbs. This also led to anemia – a condition in which your body lacks enough healthy red blood cells. Rufus received an injection of an iron supplement and his levels had to be monitored very closely. Luckily, he didn’t need a blood transfusion.

After a few days of care, Rufus started walking with the help of a sling and started showing more interest in food. After a full 5 days of hospitalization, Rufus was walking on his own and eating readily. He was ready to continue healing at home!

Rufus had about one month more of wound care and bandage changes here before he was fully healed and did not need any further medical management. His owner says that he is doing very well at home and has more strength and energy back. We are all happy that he is back home, happy and healthy!