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Mable is a 4 year old Old English Bulldog who came to our hospital in December of 2020 as a transfer from the University of Minnesota. She had progressive kidney failure due to presumed Lyme nephritis in need of hemodialysis treatment to save her life. Lyme nephritis is the result of a severe kidney infection caused by a tick-borne disease called Lyme disease.

After stabilizing Mable with supportive medications and fluids, she underwent her first dialysis treatment with Dr. Carver. Dr. Carver is our board-certified criticalist who specializes in this advanced treatment. Dialysis is ultimately removing toxins from the body by removing the “dirty” blood and replacing it with filtered “clean” blood. She ended up having 4 total dialysis treatments.

Mable was also treated with antibiotics, blood pressure medications, pain medications, and medications to suppress her immune system. She also required a feeding tube for further support of her kidneys and close monitoring of her urine output. Mable was able to be discharged from our hospital after 2 weeks, but her treatment did not end here. She had to be very closely monitored by her owners and her regular veterinarian.

Happily, Mable is currently being tapered off her medications and is reportedly becoming her normal spunky self again and gaining her weight and muscle back. An update from Mable’s owner let us know that they have had her since she was only 4 months old. Her favorite things in life are meeting new people, getting scratches, going for walks, and playing with her favorite toys.

Fun fact: Mable has her own Instagram: mable_the_dog01