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Operation Level Descriptions

Due to the continued increase of caseloads for veterinary needs in our communities within this region, and the difficulty with providing the level of care needed for all patients, we will be instituting a “Level System” to define what cases we will be able to continue to accept as patients into Red River Animal Emergency Hospital. By implementing this Level System throughout the day, we will have a system in place to be able to provide optimum care for the sickest cases. Please continue to check here for our most current Level of Operation.

Thank You – The Staff of RRAEH

  • Accepting any patients with urgent medical needs
  • May experience extended wait times for non-critical patients
  • Non-urgent patients will be turned away.
  • Accepting ONLY clearly emergent/critical cases, direct transfers for continued care, or those that will likely become critical if not seen within a day.

Our doctors here at RRAEH are happy to consult at any hour should you have an emergency question. You may also request to speak with one of our emergency/critical care specialists about more complex cases. Please don’t hesitate to refer emergency cases that require care and assessment within 24 hours at any time, even without logging into the RDVM portal below. However, we invite you to utilize our RDVM Portal for cases that you feel may need evaluation and advanced testing (ultrasound, CT scan, rhinoscopy, etc.) that could be seen in 24-72 hours. All of our doctors are trained in basic FAST scans (fluid check ultrasounds), however for more advanced or full diagnostic ultrasounds and echocardiograms it would be best to fill out the referral form so that we can best coordinate referral care for your patient.

CT scan services are available 24/7 to our emergency patients that warrant an emergency scan. In these instances, the ER clinician or specialist will discuss the CT findings with the client. However, we also offer outpatient referral CT scans. If you have a stable patient that you feel needs a CT scan, you may log into our RDVM Portal below and submit a referral request for your patient and we will call to get them scheduled. In these cases, the RRAEH doctor will do an exam to ensure they are stable for sedation/anesthesia, but the results will be forwarded to you to follow up with the client and patient.

Regarding hemodialysis therapy, please refer to the “hemodialysis service” page and all questions should be directed to one of our critical care specialists. Call anytime if you feel you may have a patient that would benefit from dialysis therapy.

We aim to work as one collaborative medical team in the care of your patients. We just want to provide the optimal care for all patients in the region. Please don’t hesitate to call or email with questions.

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