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Pet Loss Support & Resources

At RRAEH, we understand that pets are so much more than that – they’re family. So often their excited barks, happy tail wags, comforting purrs, and more are a source of unconditional love and pure acceptance in our lives. They are a constant force in our homes. Just like you or us, there will come a day when our beloved pets will no longer be that continual presence in our life. It’s common for one to experience different stages of grief including anger, denial, guilt, or depression when navigating the loss of one’s pet and what comes after. There may even be questions leading up to this loss, where one may wonder if or when it is time.

Coping with the pain and grief that can come with such a loss can be difficult to handle. The commitment we at RRAEH have to our patients and clients ensures that we will always provide support and compassion for those who need it, especially at one of the most difficult of times.

"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."

–Winnie The Pooh