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Dr. Helen Globus is a certified dermatologist who shares her successes with Red River Animal Emergency Hospital and Referral Center (RRAEH). She started her career after receiving her B.S. in Animal Science from Rutgers University in New Jersey. In 1987, Dr. Globus finished her internship hours plus two years of veterinary medicine practice in New York City ongoing 2 more years in Sacramento, CA. With more research and study of veterinary medicine, Dr. Globus began teaching comparative dermatology at the University of Minnesota and will eventually earn certification by the American College of Veterinary Dermatologists, in 1994. With many accomplishments secured, Dr. Globus continues to excel in her profession, and by 1995, she establishes Veterinary Dermatology Service, P.A.

Dr. Globus schedules visits to various communities across North Dakota and Minnesota. She makes monthly visits to RRAEH to care for patients that are dealing with skin health issues. Receive proper dermatological care from an outstanding provider who has completed intense research and advanced instruction in skin diagnosis and treatment. At RRAEH, we provide professionals at our facility who will accurately diagnose your pet and conclude with a successful treatment plan to care for our patients.


Book an appointment with Dr. Globus at (612) 928-8097 or check out her website at for more information.

Dermatology Services for Your Pet

Skin disorders can be a source of major discomfort for your pet. It’s important that your loyal friend receive dermatological care from a veterinarian who specializes in skin issues, one who has received advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of such problems. Dr. Helen Globus sees patients in 4 clinics in North Dakota and Minnesota and is currently making monthly visits to Red River Animal Emergency Hospital and Referral Center to address the skin health of pets throughout the region. Her services are an extension of the care your pet receives through your primary care provider. You may contact Dr. Globus at (612) 928-8097 for questions or to schedule an appointment.

Our goal, at Red River Animal Emergency Hospital and Referral Center is to provide area pet owners with access to a professional who can accurately diagnose and treat skin issues due to allergies, hormonal imbalances, auto-immune disorders, chronic ear infections, infections caused by bacteria, parasites, or fungi, etc. If initial treatments by your primary veterinarian have proven unsuccessful, Dr. Globus may be able to help.

Common Symptoms of Pet Allergies

With many allergens indoors and outdoors, your pet could suffer from flea allergies, food allergies, or skin allergies from skin contact or inhalation. To better understand your pet’s allergy, a blood serum test may be performed to examine what may affect your pet’s skin health. Help determine whether your pet may have allergies:

  • Chewing or Licking Paws Continually
  • Loose Stools
  • Ear Infections
  • Hives
  • Itchy and/or Red Skin
  • Constant Scratching
  • Vomiting